How To Make the Most of Your EIW Gear Reducer with New Exchange Program

Eagle Iron Works classic gear reducers are known for their longevity, often outlasting the rest of the machine and, in some cases, even outlasting the site itself.

Because not everyone requires a gear reducer that lasts for decades, EIW’s new Gear Reducer Exchange Program offers producers the ability to benefit from Eagle’s gear reducer at a fraction of the cost.



How the EIW Gear Reducer Exchange Program Works

EIW’s Gear Reducer Exchange Program has several aspects:

  • Exchanging an EIW Gear Reducer 
  • Buying an EIW Rebuilt Gear Reducer
  • Buying a New Machine with an EIW Rebuilt Gear Reducer
  • Buyback of an EIW Gear Reducer

Gear Reducer Exchange

The exchange portion of the program operates similar to a propane exchange program. If you need reducer instead of buying a new gear reducer, you can take advantage of the exchange or want to re-use your gear portion of the program in one of two ways. [CONTINUE READING]

Interested in the Program?