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How To Make the Most of Your EIW Gear Reducer with New Exchange Program

Eagle Iron Works classic gear reducers are known for their longevity, often outlasting the rest of the machine and, in some cases, even outlasting the site itself.

Because not everyone requires a gear reducer that lasts for decades, EIW’s new Gear Reducer Exchange Program offers producers the ability to benefit from Eagle’s gear reducer at a fraction of the cost.



How the EIW Gear Reducer Exchange Program Works

EIW’s Gear Reducer Exchange Program has several aspects:

  • Exchanging an EIW Gear Reducer 
  • Buying an EIW Rebuilt Gear Reducer
  • Buying a New Machine with an EIW Rebuilt Gear Reducer
  • Buyback of an EIW Gear Reducer

Gear Reducer Exchange

The exchange portion of the program operates similar to a propane exchange program. If you need reducer instead of buying a new gear reducer, you can take advantage of the exchange or want to re-use your gear portion of the program in one of two ways. [CONTINUE READING]

Program Options & Details

Interested in selling your used gear reducer to EIW? 

If so, you'll supply EIW with the serial number and pictures of the gear reducer. If interested in your used reducer*, Eagle is offering up to $2,000 for single output reducers and $4,000 for double.

This is a great opportunity for you to cash in on a gear reducer that is taking up space on your site. 

*EIW is currently only accepting buybacks on Log Washer Gear Reducers and the following Fine Material Gear Reducers: 36 Single, 36 Double, 44 Single, 44 Double and 54 Singles.

Those interested in exchanging their EIW gear reducer for a rebuilt gear reducer have two options:

  • Purchase a rebuilt gear reducer and send your old one back to EIW. Once your exchanged gear reducer is rebuilt, the value of the newly rebuilt reducer will be credited back.

  • Purchase a rebuilt gear reducer and send your old reducer to Eagle using the Buyback Program terms: up to $2,000 for a single output and up to $4,000 for a double output reducer. Utilizing this option allows you to send any size reducer back to Eagle as long as it passes inspection.

A rebuilt gear reducer could offer tremendous savings for your new Fine Material Washer or for a replacement reducer. A rebuilt reducer can offer up to 25-30% savings off of a new reducer. 

Rebuilt reducers offer the same warranty as a new EIW gear reducer and are readily available at a much lower cost than a brand new reducer.

Adding a rebuilt gear reducer to your new EIW Fine Material Washer can provide your operation with substantial savings. When buying your new equipment, you have two options with a rebuilt reducer:

  • Buy your new washer with an off-the-shelf rebuilt gear reducer from EIW. 

  • Sell back your old gear reducer and have it credited toward the purchase of your new EIW washer and rebuilt reducer. This option would align with the Gear Reducer Exchange Program.
Learn More About The EIW Gear Reducer Program Here

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