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How to Make the Most of Your CONDOR Fine Material Screw Washer
By Megan Riner on July 18, 2018

You’ve installed your new CONDOR Fine Material Screw Washer and are already beginning to reap the benefits of Eagle Iron Works’ standard line of screw washers, which include an extremely...

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Portable Sand Section vs. Semi-Portable Sand Section
By Megan Riner on July 5, 2018

As portable sand processing plants have evolved to handle increasingly larger volumes of aggregates, their popularity has also increased. Portable sand processing plants are advantageous...

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Making Money With Your Classifying Tank
By Megan Riner on June 20, 2018

As their name suggests, water scalping-classifying tanks remove excess water and excess sand particles from feed material. They have been used in the aggregates industry to process sand and...

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Replacing the Paddles on Your Log Washer
By Megan Riner on June 6, 2018

Coarse material products that are out of spec, such as those that are laden with silt and/or clay, are not desirable in the aggregates industry. Therefore, aggregates producers rely on the...

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What is the CONDOR? Here are the benefits of EIW's standard line of Screw Washers
By Megan Riner on May 23, 2018

Eagle Iron Works’ CONDOR has hatched and is ready to make your operation its new home, but what exactly will the CONDOR do for you when it gets there?

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11 Things You Didn't Know About Eagle Iron Works
By Megan Riner on May 7, 2018

Eagle Iron Works has spent more than a century – 146 years to be exact – building their reputation for designing, manufacturing and delivering tough, long-lasting aggregate and...

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